Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors

EAUCHEM Product a pulverized mixture of inorganic phosphates catalyzed soidum sulphite along with sludge conditioner in powder form. It is specially formulated for low and medium pressure water tube boilers, where treated water like softened water / demineralised water is used as boiler feed water.

Sludge Conditioners

Oxygen Scavengers

EAUCHEM Product a specially tailored liquid product based on sodium sulphite for low and medium pressure boilers to prevent corrosion due to dissolved oxygen. The catalyst here enhances the performance of oxygen scavenger, and ensures the complete elimination of dissolved oxygen from the boiler feed water before it enters the boiler water drum. It is also exclusively used in coil type boilers.

Condensate Treatment Chemicals

EAUCHEM Product is a perfect blend of neutralizing and filming amines in liquid form to prevent condensate return line corrosion, which is due to carbonic acid. It helps to increase the boiler feed water pH along with the pH of condensate return water. It is ideally suited for all types of boilers, where condensate water is used for boiler feed.

Silica dispersants

EAUCHEM Product is a specially tailored silica dispersant formulated for the boiler water systems to prevent scale formation in the turbines due to colloidal silica and reactive silica.

pH Boosters And Descaling Chemicals

EAUCHEM Product - A descaling product in liquid form to remove carbonate, oxide deposits and non-silica deposits. It contains a neutralizer, accelerator and corrosion inhibitor in its formulation. It is extensively used in MS systems. It is based on HCL. Special care should be taken while handling this product.

Herbal Based Scale And Corrosion Inhibitor

All-Amine Treatment Chemicals

EAUCHEM B-165P a pulverized, homogenous blend of poly phosphates with a sludge conditioner which finds extensive usage in high pressure boilers for the prevention of silky deposits. It helps to maintain the residual phosphate level in high pressure boilers. It also prevents dissolved silica carry over and deposits problems in turbines.

New Boiler Treatment Chemicals

EAUCHEM Product is an all-organic and all-amine product to prevent scale and corrosion in steam boilers by formation of a protective film on metal surfaces. Due to its distribution ratio between gas and liquid phase, EAUCHEM B-185-KC also protects steam and condensate lines from corrosion. It is a non-toxic product, hence can be used in the boilers whose steam comes in contact with the products.

Eauchem Product prevents scale formation in boilers by stabilizing and dispersing hardness and deposits, which is then removed along with blow down water. It is a non TDS contributing product, also thermally and chemically very stable.