EAUCHEM has successfully established ISO-2000 certified laboratory services division, which is fully equipped with all modern testing facilities to test any inorganic , organic and microbial parameters of water, effluent, soil, resin, activated carbon, sugar and all types of solid and liquid fuels, scale deposits, sludge, apart from various specific product analysis.


EAUCHEM covers a wide spectrum of activities in this environmental services division like;
  • Technical Consultancy for setting up new ETPs
  • ETP revamping, upgradation and augmentation
  • Trouble shooting, fine tuning and maintenance of ETPs
  • Conducting rapid and comprehensive environmental impact assessment for new projects and massive expansion of existing plants
  • Annual Maintenance contract of ETPs
  • Operation/ Maintenance of existing ETPs
  • Conducting process/waste audit for mass balance of liquid, solid, and process effluents
  • Environmental Management Planning (EMP)
  • Environmental modeling
  • New ETP Project execution from concept to commissioning


EAU CHEMICAL has also successfully established its ISO 9001-2000 certified mobile Air monitoring unit which is fully equipped with latest testing facilities to check all the parameters including VOC in ambient air, in plant air, stack emission apart from noise level monitoring. WE offer these services to the aspiring clients at their door stepwith the help of our mobile units.


EAUCHEM Product – is a specially tailored liquid form Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for all types of boilers. It is a food grade and on-toxic organic product. It will help to reduce the percentage of blow down in boiler to a great extent. It will also prevent corrosion in vapour phase and condensate return lines.

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